The Staff

Simon Holmes: Head Teacher.

Simon Holmes: Head Teacher / Safeguarding Lead


Denise Draper: Deputy Head Teacher / SENCo. / Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Denise Draper: Deputy Head Teacher / SENCo / Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Sharon Cutler: Operations Manager / Deputy Safeguarding Lead.


Hazel Featherstone              School Administrator

Maggie Blake                           School Administrator

Jo Sheppard                             Key Person

Jess Padfield                            Early Years Practitioner

Emmeline James                   Key Person

Naciima  Jimale                     Early Years Support Worker

Freya Caven                            Early Years Support Worker

Cressida Caven                        Key Person

Shirley Carter                          Key Person

Harriet Thomas                      Key Person

Samsam Abdi                           Key Person

Amy Mitchell                           Key Person

Colin McFarlane                    Key Person/Lead Teacher

Charlotte Carter                     Key Person/Teacher

Aniisa Yussuf                            Early Years Support Worker/School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Asha Yusuf                                 School Meals Supervisory Assistant

Tom Foley                                    Caretaker

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